First day of school 2015

All set to go tomorrow!  I love this pew we have.  It's held MANY "night before" outfits!  Better remember to take off the tag on Thomas' shirt!!

Third grade

First grade

Sixth grade

Seventh grade.  I think he's the one who has physically changed the most since last year.  He looks so grown up!  We are so relieved that he is starting the school year, with last years crazy health issues.  Praise God!

Thomas had to try out to be in student council.  After not being in school for months, he came back in May, tried out and got it!  There were only three seventh graders, and he is one of them! 

A Summer Weekend

Swim meet...



and sleeping!  A full summer weekend!


He Loves to Swim

This kid has no fear in the water. His favorite thing to do now is go off the diving board and the slide.  He is much too cute!



I was looking through all the hundreds of pictures I have snapped just in the last few months.  Hundreds of them.  I love that each picture has a story behind it.  How when I asked Pete and George to sit down so I can take their picture, this is what they looked like.

I love when I pose them and tell them to all "look up" or when I catch them all coloring at the table. 

Time is flying by.  They are growing at amazing speed.  Days can be long, but when I look through pictures I am reminded how grateful I am to have them.


First trip to the dentist

He wasn't so sure about this whole going to the dentist thing.  And he certainly wasn't going to lay down in the chair. As time went on he warmed up to the idea of a strangers fingers in his mouth and he began to open really wide!

By the end of the visit we got him to actually put the sunglasses on and he finally said, "this is amazing!"