A New School Year ( three months ago)


Not quite....

Ahh... There we go.  First day of school picture, only three months late!

 She is in kindergarten this year.  The days that she is gone all day are still so weird for me.  I still can't believe she is old enough to be gone all day.

Another First Tooth Gone

And just like that, she looses her first tooth. 

 (Note: thank goodness for Annie, she saved the whole spirit of the tooth fairy....can't say any more for fear that the little ones will understand...wink, wink!)

Figuring out a New Way to Learn

Our days lately have been.... different.  Thomas isn't even trying to go to school right now.  It just wasn't working.  I would get him there about eleven, then he would call to come home an hour later.  His constant headache and jerking were just too much to be sitting in a classroom.  So, he has been at home, which consists of watching a movie, reading, sometimes goofing around in the backyard trying to shoot squirrels with a BB gun, figuring out what to eat, ect.  

The episodes he's been having where he looks like he's having a seizure, jerking uncontroably, holding his head in pain, and holding his breath, have been happening daily now.  It's exhausting and frustrating for him and for us.
But this past week we've made more of an attempt to get out of the house.  My mom had offered to come over a couple afternoons and if he was feeling okay, we went with it.  He wanted to fish, so we went to the lake and he fished.  Even caught two!

We found rock climbing down on campus that both of us enjoyed!  Thomas "rocked" it too!  He flew up those walls like it was nothing, until about an hour after we were there he started not feeling good.  

A woman from LPS came this week to set up Skype on our iPad.  He can now be a part of his class and "tune in" to certain classes.  The first day he did this we sat and laughed at how funny the kids in his class were!  They all were so excited to see Thomas on the iPad and kept making funny faces and talking to him!!  It was good to hear thomas laugh!

This next week he begins having a tutor come in the mornings for an hour.  
One of our favorite teachers has so graciously offered her time by coming once a week in the evening to help Thomas with math.  All the kids love having her over, and hang all over her!  I enjoy her company and am so grateful for her!
He also joined his good buddy Dominic for a homeschool boys book club and science group which he really enjoyed!!  I was so happy he was able to learn something and have fun!

Fall 2014

5 o'clock news debut

It's not every day that the local news station stops by for an interview... 

I was so proud of you today Thomas.  You answered her questions very well.  

When I told you that the news station was coming in 30 minutes, you jumped (literally) in the shower, got nicely dressed, and were ready to rock!  I loved that when she asked if she could tape you doing something you like to do, you said, "I can cook."  Then proceeded to fry up turkey bacon and chat with her as she was filming.