A Surprise "Adventure"

TJ surprised us the last weekend before school started by taking us to Adventure Land!  He came home early on Friday and told us to pack up and that we would hit the road by 3:30. I am so not spontaneous like that!!  But I knew we were in desperate need of a little fun to end one very long, not so fun, summer.  

Other than one very long night with people not falling asleep in the hotel room… (I won't name any names...)We had a fabulous time! It was short, but sweet! We spent Friday night and then got up Saturday and headed to the park at 10.  I hadn't been to an amusement park probably since high school, But the sounds and smells I remembered well!  

The kids started out a little timid and nervous of the spinning rides, but after a few times around they were loving it! All except Evelyn, who I thought for sure was going to toss her cookies as we went down the waterslide that we didn't know was a spinning one!

The water park was awesome and we spent most of our day there. Even the overcast and cooler day couldn't keep the kids away from the water and the gigantic waterside, which I could t believe both Thomas and TJ went down! Everyone loved the lazy river.

This picture pretty much sums up Peter for the day… He spent the majority of the day in either mine or TJ's arms with his face buried into our shoulder!  We did coax him onto a few little rides, he was hilarious!  He loved the waterpark way more than the rides!


Golf is Good!

One thing that Thomas found he could really do this summer even with the headache was to play golf.  I would drop them off at the golf course and he would play either with George, or with friends, or sometimes just by himself.  It was the perfect thing for him to do. He heard there was going to be a tournament, and so we signed him up to play in it.  And what do you know, he won his group!
 It was so good to see him excited about something!