My little Pete, how can you be two already?  I know every mother says this, but time has just flown by with you.  I honestly thought I still had a baby at home!  You are such a sweet child.  You go to bed easily, you are content and you are so friendly and smiley.  About the only trouble you cause is getting into all drawers and the dishwasher.  Every time I run it you sneak over and open it up!

I think what I loved most about your Birthday was watching your siblings so excited for you.  They wanted to wake you up right away in the morning to show you your balloons, they sang "happy birthday to you" about 50 times today. We had only gotten you one little book as a present and they couldn't wait for you to open it.  After baths and jammies were on, they grabbed you and all snuggled in my bed together with you singing happy birthday over and over.  That is what a birthday is about!

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Renee said...

Noooo! It can't be true!
(I'm still holding onto Oliver's last single year...but I don't have long.)