A Forgotten Post

I found this post which I never published from last January....

This week I'll turn thirty seven.  Hard to believe, I know I look like I'm only twenty four....but yes I'll be thirty seven. I was thinking the other day of what things make me happy at this stage of my life.  So here we go....
Running.  I love to run.  I love getting out of the house and running with good friends and also by myself with good music.  
Watching a show in the evening snuggled in my bed.  Favorite shows are The Biggest Loser, The Voice, Downton Abbey,
Listening to Ingrid Michaelson music on pandora while I sip a glass of white wine and make dinner.
Reading cookbooks.
Pouring a cup of coffee early in the morning.
Organizing an area in our house.
Laying down with a good book on Sunday afternoon.

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