A Forgotten Post

I found this post which I never published from last January....

This week I'll turn thirty seven.  Hard to believe, I know I look like I'm only twenty four....but yes I'll be thirty seven. I was thinking the other day of what things make me happy at this stage of my life.  So here we go....
Running.  I love to run.  I love getting out of the house and running with good friends and also by myself with good music.  
Watching a show in the evening snuggled in my bed.  Favorite shows are The Biggest Loser, The Voice, Downton Abbey,
Listening to Ingrid Michaelson music on pandora while I sip a glass of white wine and make dinner.
Reading cookbooks.
Pouring a cup of coffee early in the morning.
Organizing an area in our house.
Laying down with a good book on Sunday afternoon.


Big Stuff

 I was folding clothes one Saturday afternoon when you came running downstairs ahouting "mom, I can ride my bike!" And sure enough, when I walked outside, there you were...riding all on your own.  This is such a big moment for you.  You are growing and learning all the time.  You were so excited and just kept wanting to ride in circles! I think the cutest part was the too small tights you were wearing.  Not sure where your skirt went to!

Christmas 2013

 We spent this Christmas with the stomach flu.  Not fun let me tell you.  I knew it was coming actually since this year I felt the most prepared for Christmas.  I remember telling TJ how I felt so at peace with this Advent season.  We had gifts bought and wrapped in advance, had done the Jesse tree each morning at breakfast.
Annie got sick first and within a day both George and Thomas followed.  I felt so bad for the kids that they had to miss going to Grammy and Grandpa's house Christmas eve and miss having Laura and Jarod and the kids stay at our house. Miss going to open presents at my parents house Christmas morning.  And Thomas felt the worst on Christmas day.
Nevertheless, Jesus was still born, Santa did still come and we spent the week just laying around playing with new toys.



I Find Her Like this Everyday

Usually every afternoon when I wake up from a nap I find Evelyn sitting at the table painting her nails.  Multiple colors, I might add! 

Thomas dressed Pete for Mass

Be still my heart....

Sunday Night Ice Skating

We tried ice skating as a family on a spur of the moment Sunday night.  Oh what fun we had!  I think I had the most fun trying to go as fast as I could.  The weather was just perfect, the only thing that stopped us was how badly our feet hurt in the skates!  Nevertheless, it was still a fun family outing.


Chef in Training

One of you favorite things to do everyday.  Cook.  I can only imagine the food you make!!!



My little Pete, how can you be two already?  I know every mother says this, but time has just flown by with you.  I honestly thought I still had a baby at home!  You are such a sweet child.  You go to bed easily, you are content and you are so friendly and smiley.  About the only trouble you cause is getting into all drawers and the dishwasher.  Every time I run it you sneak over and open it up!

I think what I loved most about your Birthday was watching your siblings so excited for you.  They wanted to wake you up right away in the morning to show you your balloons, they sang "happy birthday to you" about 50 times today. We had only gotten you one little book as a present and they couldn't wait for you to open it.  After baths and jammies were on, they grabbed you and all snuggled in my bed together with you singing happy birthday over and over.  That is what a birthday is about!


Birthday boy

Happy birthday to my sweet two year old!



A New Year

I have never been one to make a New Years Resolution.  But I do have this overwhelming desire to change habits and start traditions, so many in fact that I can't possibly do them all.  I'm constantly  feeling the need to improve myself in all the different aspects of my life.  A more devoted wife, more patient, loving mother, a selfless and giving friend, a better daughter and sister.  I have a strong desire to know and live my faith better.  But I also realize I need to change slowly.  So this year I decided to try and work on one habit I either need to change or implement each month.  We shall see....