A Sentimental Sap

The saddest part for me about the kids having the stomach flu over Christmas was having to get rid of George's blanket.  Poor guy got sick all over it and it just Had. To. Go.  He has had that blanket for his entire six and a half years of his life.  Every single day of his life.   It has been with him every single night to help him fall asleep.  When TJ asked him if it would be alright to toss the disgusting thing George immediately said, "sure, if I can get another one."  It was I who begged TJ not to throw it away.  But alas, I knew it had to go and honestly I did NOT want to clean it, so the blanket that has been with George every day of his life is now gone.  We did go to the store and I let him pick out new fleece with the promise of making him a new one.  Good by red blanket.