Our Prayer

Heavenly Father,
We pray for each one of our children.  For their purity of mind, body, heart and soul.  That they will always love you Lord and the Catholic Church.  For their protection from all evil and harm.  Protect them from those seeking destruction in the world. 
 We pray for their health, please keep them healthy and growing strong, that they will always use the gifts and talents you have blessed them with.  We pray they will have a positive self body image as they grow and mature, especially for our girls. 
 We pray for their relationship with one another, that they may be kind, loving, compassionate towards one another.  For our relationship with each one of them.  Help us to be open with them and to take the time to build strong relationships with each one.  May we always be ready to listen and guide them. 
We pray for the decisions that they will make, that they will always choose what is right, and not fall into the temptations of peer pressure.  
 That they each will have a good, holy group of friends.  That they will have courage to stand up for what is right.  That they will be leaders.  For their teachers at school and for anyone who will influence their lives, that they may be for the better. 
We pray for their vocations, that they will listen to you Lord, and follow the plan You have set for them.  That we will encourage them to discern what You are calling them to be.  If You call them to marriage, we pray that their spouse is growing up in a holy home with the same values as our children. 
For their sexuality, that it is right and ordered.  Especially as they are growing up in an age where the roles of men and women are so unclear.  For our boys to be gentlemen and our girls to be ladies.
But above all Lord, we beg for the grace to know each one of them, to spend time investing in their souls, for it is Heaven that we are all striving for. 
 Thank you for the gift of each one of their lives.

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Jenn said...

Beautiful...I think I have tears!