My Time With Pete

My favorite time of the day is when I go to morning Mass with Pete.  It doesn't matter how rushed or chaotic our morning was with getting everyone fed, dressed and ready for school.  The moment I kiss them goodbye and shut the door to Sherman, I look forward to my time with Pete.    We watch the kids walk over to church and then head in ourselves to sit in the side front pews.  Two and sometimes three times a week it's just he and I.  As I hold him, I feel like I've stepped back in time when I used to take baby Thomas to morning mass.  There is no one else to watch or keep still.  Just him and me.  I don't even mind when he wants down or plays on the kneeler.  For some reason whatever he does is cute in my mind and I find myself smiling all through Mass! 
We have our rituals as every morning is pretty much the same.  We sit in the same spot every day.  He loves to sit on the pew by himself.  Every day I take out the misalettes, and hymnals and set them in the pew in front of us so as to cause less of a distraction.  I keep one hymnal for him and he points to it each day.  I take it out, give it to him and he sits and looks at the songs!  Usually by the homily we are standing behind the pew where we sit.  We point to the gigantic picture of Jesus hanging on the wall.  There is a sword in one of the stain glass windows that he points to every day.  As we move by the door he has to touch the stain glass window and when I say "where's red" he points to the red pieces.  Then there are the fliers pinned up on the little bulletin board right there.  We point to the clock and he says some version of "tick tock."  I ask him where is the picture of the baby and he says "baby" over and over.  My favorite is when I point to the poster of our Bishops and Holy Fathers he says with his little lips pursed together, "pope."
Believe it or not, I still am able to listen to Father and follow along with Mass!  We can head back to the pew after Holy Communion because he will sit so still watching the children walk past him.  The minute the line is gone, we are up and moving to the back again! 
 But I think my favorite thing Pete does is when I walk up to receive Holy Communion, when I am right there receiving the host, Pete waves to Father or Monsignor. 
Oh how I love these blessed moments with my child. 

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