Pete's Summer

Pete, you are my sweet child. 
Your new found love is a golf club and a golf ball.  You know what to do with them and can actually hit the ball.  We're all impressed.

 You have eczema, poor thing.  Your skin is scaly and has red splotches all over.  I don't know if its caused by what you eat, or if you have allergies, but it makes me sad to see you scratch your poor skin.
You LOVE Jesus.  Seriously.  You can spot a crucifix anywhere!  As we come downstairs in the morning we pass a large crucifix on the wall.  We stop and say good morning to Jesus while you point up at Him.  As I lay you on my bed at night after the bath, you point up to Him on our wall.  If I ask you "where is Jesus," your head scans the room until you find Him on the wall.  Melts my heart.

Putting you to bed at night is a joy.  After you are bathed and jammied, we find your best friend in the whole world...you blanket.  It is a tie blanket that your Godmother made for you when you were born.  It is darling to watch you find the three specific tie pieces that you MUST hold onto.  They are getting easy to spot since they are stretched way out!  Once you find those three pieces you smile and give an "oh yeah" and then your thumb goes straight to your mouth.  I believe this is heaven for you!  We stand in front of your pack and play (which you still sleep in) and I pray our night prayers.  Your head usually scans the bedroom to find the three crucifixes hanging on the wall and I pray as you point to Jesus!  Then I bless your forehead, you give me a smooch and I lay you down on your blanket, turn off the light and shut the door.  You are so good!

You love to sit on the couch in the kitchen with me and look at books.  I always love to see what book becomes each child's "favorite!"  Yours is called "I'm as Quick as a Cricket" which was Thomas' when he was a baby!  At one point in the book it reads, "I'm as quiet as a clam..." at this point you put your finger to your mouth and make the shushing sound!
You are my cuddliest child by far.  Your head rests so nicely on my shoulder.  As long as you have your thumb in your mouth, you are so content to just be held and resting on my shoulder...however Sunday Mass seems to be a different story!  We've split up and gone to mass at different times some Sundays this summer, due to the fact that it's too hard to hold you in the back of mass.


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