A Marathon of a Day

I never want to forget this morning with Thomas. 
 He wanted to get up early and go grocery shopping with me one Friday morning.  I usually go about 5:45am, but THIS morning I had to go even earlier since Thomas and Joe were serving 6:30 am Mass.  So, we got up at 4:30 and left for the store at 4:45 IN THE MORNING.  He helped me shop for food, which was actually very helpful.  I will never forget how cute he was in the store.  As soon as we walked into the produce department he runs over to the coconuts and begs to bring one home.  Sure.  Why not?  Then he sees the section of speciality snacks and just HAD to have one.  He kept saying as we wandered through the empty store "this is SO COOL," or "I've always wanted this, can I get it?"  We got home, put the grocery sacks in the fridge and then took off to pick up Joe for Mass.  I sat there in the pew feeling so proud of my son, up there on the altar so reverent!  I also noticed that I had forgotten to buy him new Mass shoes since his other ones were too small as his bright green tennis shoes were peeking out from under his alb.
We brought Joe home with us after Mass and the boys and the other kids had doughnuts for breakfast.  As the kids got ready for school, Thomas and Joe grabbed the drill and went outside to work on the coconut!  They had opened it, tried the milk and were saving the coconut shavings to bake with.  I finally had to stop them as it was time to leave for school.  By this point I felt like I had been up forever, but it was only 7:45! 
At the end of the day I looked back at the amount of time Thomas spent in church, in ONE day.  Serving Mass at 6:30, going to 8:15 Mass at school, Benediction at 2:45, and then the boys choir was singing for a holy hour at the Pink Sisters at 7:00 pm.
The kicker was that he never seemed tired, grumpy or cranky after having started his day at 4:30am!  I love his love for life and for making ordinary things, like grocery shopping, "SO FUN...."
in his words. 

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