Evelyn's Summer

Miss Evelyn,
I think you are growing up quicker than anyone else because you have three siblings to follow.  You pretty much do what they do.  You have a terrible problem with cutting your hair.  I'm serious.  I continue to find random chunks of your hair sticking up after being cut.  Please grow out of this phase!
You loved going swimming and taking swim lessons this summer.  You loved riding your bike and trying to keep up with the big kids as they zoom past.
 You LOVE to wear feet jammies even through the sweltering hot summer.  I just don't get it.  The kids stuffed you with blankets...
You helped me plant the garden this summer.  Tomatoes were your job to pick!  I'd send you out to the garden with a bucket and you'd pick and pick!

 You are so expressive when you talk at home, which is funny considering you are silent and emotionless when around others.  When you are telling me something, your eyes grow big and your lisp is in full force...it's darling.
 Your thing this summer is to be pregnant.  According to my records you had about fifty births in three months!  I would always find you with a baby stuffed into your shirt all lumpy or sometimes with limbs hanging out...This afternoon I found you napping while pregnant.
You amaze me on the trampoline.  You can flip like crazy.  I never taught you, you just followed the big kids!

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