Evelyn's Summer

Miss Evelyn,
I think you are growing up quicker than anyone else because you have three siblings to follow.  You pretty much do what they do.  You have a terrible problem with cutting your hair.  I'm serious.  I continue to find random chunks of your hair sticking up after being cut.  Please grow out of this phase!
You loved going swimming and taking swim lessons this summer.  You loved riding your bike and trying to keep up with the big kids as they zoom past.
 You LOVE to wear feet jammies even through the sweltering hot summer.  I just don't get it.  The kids stuffed you with blankets...
You helped me plant the garden this summer.  Tomatoes were your job to pick!  I'd send you out to the garden with a bucket and you'd pick and pick!

 You are so expressive when you talk at home, which is funny considering you are silent and emotionless when around others.  When you are telling me something, your eyes grow big and your lisp is in full force...it's darling.
 Your thing this summer is to be pregnant.  According to my records you had about fifty births in three months!  I would always find you with a baby stuffed into your shirt all lumpy or sometimes with limbs hanging out...This afternoon I found you napping while pregnant.
You amaze me on the trampoline.  You can flip like crazy.  I never taught you, you just followed the big kids!

George's Summer

George, I can't believe how fast you are growing.  You are no longer part of the little kid group, but have definitely joined the big kids. 
You spent a lot of time this summer just playing outside with "the boys," our twin neighbor boys and Thomas.  The moment you would see them outside, you dash out of the house and hop on your bike.  I would see you all riding up and down our street going back and forth.  You followed them around the neighborhood, funny that I didn't really mind you riding your bike around as long as you were with Thomas.  Frank and Lily, our neighborhood turkeys still wander around and you would try to find them on your bike.
 You are a master on the trampoline.  You can flip and fly like no one I've ever seen at your age.  You also make me panic the most as you never seem to tuck your head under until the very last second.  On really hot days you guys would put the sprinkler on under the trampoline and jump with your suits on!
You were not old enough to ride your bike to the pool with Thomas and Annie, so when they would leave, you usually grabbed your blanket, stuck your thumb in your mouth (yes, you still suck your thumb) and just lay down somewhere.  Sometimes you would look at books, but mostly you would just lay somewhere.  Then when Pete was awake, you would grab your suit and goggles and be so excited to get to the pool. 

You liked watching Thomas' games this summer and towards the end of the season you were the "official" bat boy!  It cracked me up to see you with the "big boys" and walk out there like it was no big deal, although it really was, and grab the bat that was thrown to the ground.  You took your job very seriously!

You are always the last one to bed in our house.  You get about fifty drinks of water and ask for your back scratched just as many times.  The only bonus of you not falling asleep until eleven o'clock or later was that you would sleep in sometimes until ten thirty!
 You have found a new style that just cracks me up.  You love to pull up your socks to your knees.  It doesn't matter how hot it is outside, you hike those puppies up.  It makes me laugh especially at baseball how you wear ski socks, bright colored ski socks, and pull them up.  It's good that you are not concerned with looking just like other kids.  I like your style!
Every Tuesday this summer, you and Thomas would go to Boy's Choir at St. Teresa's.  Monsignor Nemec leads a choir of all boys.  I'm so proud of you being a part of that choir.  You had no trouble getting up early on Tuesdays and going.  I would always ask Thomas if you actually sang and he would just smile at me!  


Annie's Summer

It was nice having you home this summer. You really grew and changed over the summer months.  You begged me to get your hair cut, short.  You walked out of the salon with the cutest stacked bob I have ever seen!  The back of your hair is as short as can be and then it gets longer around your face.  Darling!

Some of your favorites this summer included getting to ride your bike to the pool by yourself.  You and Thomas would pack your bag, making sure to have a snack and towel and then head off to the pool.  It was so nice to be able to let you go when Pete was still sleeping and I wasn't ready to go yet.  You spent a lot of time swimming as I slowly watched your lovely skin turning darker and darker!
We found out this summer that you really are affected by the heat.  Twice, after being outside all day in the heat and sun you got dehydrated.  From then on we made sure you had water with you and you probably were annoyed with me asking you ALL the time if you had your water bottle.
You had your friend Tess over one day to play.  You decided on baking something, and so after looking through all your cookbooks and narrowing it down, decided to make meringues.  You were so good to let Evelyn be a part of it, so thank you.

We spent the fourth of July in Norfolk.  Oh, how you love your baby cousin Sylvia.  She's such a squeezy baby and lovely to hold.  You helped Laura and I pick cherries and pit cherries the whole time we were there.  You also got a chance to ride in a helicopter.  You were so excited at the thought of getting to ride in one, and then after Pop had paid for it and you were waiting your turn to go, you panicked and held on tightly to me.  I kind of forced you to go, knowing how much you would love it once you were up there.  And you did.  I was so proud of you for going and when you landed you couldn't stop talking about how FUN it was!!
This summer was a first for spending the night with your friend Abby.  We figured since letting Thomas and Joe do it, that you could stay with Abby and Kate.  I've never seen you so excited! 
You, Abby and Kate also decided to have your own lemonade, coffee and cookie stand after seeing the boys great success with it the weekend before.  We had the girls over to make the cookies and wrap them up, then headed over to the Vaceks to set up your stand. 
You mastered the front flip on the trampoline!!  Every time we were out there you would ask me to watch you as you would get closer and closer to landing it on your feet.  Then one day you did it!  You talk a lot about wanting to do gymnastics.  I'm amazed at your ability on the trampoline!
If someone asked you what your favorite thing to do is, I guarantee you would say "going to get a pedicure and then to Yougrtini."  You LOVE to get pedicures and we went a couples time together this summer.  Then watching you try the different flavors at Yogurtini and trying to decide which one to pick is an event in itself!