I used to be so good at making Sunday mornings a little different than other mornings...relaxing together, baking pies, making a big brunch, and sitting, reading...just being.  Then somehow, slowly, they just became more ordinary.  I missed our Sunday mornings. So, I decided to make the effort again to creating a different atmosphere in our home. It is after all, by God's design, a day for rest.  It's the one day where we can all go to Mass together.  (Actually, we've just decided it might be best to split up and attend Mass separately without a certain eighteen month old....)  It's a perfect day to make brunch and cook a big meal for dinner.  Little ways to help show our kids that Sunday is a special day.    
So instead of heading out to run, I still woke up early and made brunch.  A "ready to go" brunch so that when everyone woke up, we could eat.  And I took it all outside and set it up on our tables  in the backyard.  Cut some flowers from the yard and put them on the table.  Used the expensive but super cute straws for their juice!  The funny thing is the last few Sundays it's just been Thomas and Annie and myself eating together.  George and Evie sleep in and no one wants to wake them up!

I've also started something different on Sunday mornings.  After I've got brunch started, I'll grab my rosary and slip outside to walk and pray.  I'm always running, so to walk slowly and look up at the sky or at the homes I pass by is so nice.  I'll pray the rosary offering each of the five decades for each of my five children.  I try and pray very specific for each one of them.  What they are struggling with, for their vocation, formation, schooling, health and relationships with one another.

  The last one to go to bed at night.  The last one to wake up.  The last one to get into the shower at night.  The last one to eat breakfast. 

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