Hi Ho Cherry-O

We spent the weekend of the 4th at Laura and Jarod's house.  It just so happened that the cherries were ripe and absolutely perfect while we were there!  I'm always inspired by Laura's ability to can.  She cans cherries, salsa, peaches, pickles, beans, tomato soup just to name a few. 
It was our mission the few days we were together to pick and pit as MANY cherries as possible.  We hiked out to the trees early in the morning with our coffee in hand, and late in the evening as the sun was setting. The  cherries were one of the most beautiful foods I have ever seen.  Perfectly red and round like jewels on the tree.

The picking was relaxing and fun, but the pitting was so time consuming.  Thank goodness we had Annie and my mom to help us take each pit out of every cherry.

Cherry pie filling here we come!  Can't wait to have jars of pie filling just waiting to be used.  Thanks Laura for teaching me how to can!

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