A Happy Mother's Day

I'm so grateful to be a mother.  Truly grateful.
Happy late Mother's day to my mom, TJ's mom, nama Joyce, my sister Laura, my dear friends, our children's godmothers, the mothers who have influenced me, and all mothers everywhere. 
 What a grand job we have!  
Mary, Mother of the church, pray for us!



Turkey Lurkey Lives Here

Who would have guessed that when we moved to the middle of town, we'd have wild turkeys roaming our neighborhood?  I tell the kids they must be husband and wife because they are always together... that have been around now for the past few weeks.  They just keep wandering in and out of our yard.  It's the coolest thing.  Each day someone spies them somewhere.  I have however, had to keep Thomas from getting the BB gun out and shooting them.  He wants to SO BADLY!!