A Double House Blessing

 We have been wanting to have our house blessed ever since we moved in this past summer.  After realizing our good friends and neighbors the Vackes were wanting their house blessed too, we decided to have a progressive dinner/ house blessing all in one!!
Our priest is such a gift to us, he truly is.  He exemplifies holiness and love for his parishioners like no other priest I've met.  He was so excited to come and bless both our homes and share dinner and dessert with us!  And he is so attentive to our children, they all love him!
We began at the Vackes house for dinner.  Craig and Kim always make it a treat to eat with them.  The food they make is outstanding! 
Then we all paraded through each room of their house while Monsignor said a prayer and sprinkled holy water throughout.  My favorite prayer was for the bedrooms.  "Protect us Lord as we stay awake, watch over us as we sleep, that awake we might keep watch with Christ and asleep rest in His peace."
 I really loved how he walked into every room and prayed a special prayer for that space.  And I now have a new appreciation for our "blue bathroom."  It's a bathroom straight out of the 60's.  Blue tile, blue toilet, blue sink, blue tub...Monsignor called it our "Marion bathroom!"  Blue for the Blessed Virgin Mary!
I decided on an ice cream sundae bar for dessert for us all.  I admit, it felt a little wrong setting out this multitude of sweetness in the midst of Lent, but we were celebrating our house blessing....
The kids piano teacher lives with the Vaceks.  She is so wonderful and we were so happy to have her join us!

This was my treat the next morning...since I wasn't able to have the sweets because I gave it up for Lent, we made lemon french toast and I doctored it up with goodies!!
George loved it too.



I found this picture on my camera.  Don't know who posed him or took the picture...



She's discovered that by applying hot pink marker your lips the color lasts longer than lip gloss. 
 Like 24 hours longer....