My little Pete turned ONE.  I have been storing up all the sweet little things that he does lately in my heart, trying to hang on to all of it. 
The way he crawls using only his arms as he slides across the kitchen floor. 
 How he grabs a hold of my pant leg with one hand while I'm standing in the kitchen, sticks his thumb in his mouth, and lays his head down on my foot.  Code for, "mom I'm tired, stop doing the dishes and put me to bed." 
How he scratches the back of his knee with his foot the second I take off his feet jammies.
How he takes his hand and pushes my chin the other direction while nursing, as if he doesn't want me to watch.
The fact that there is one single curl resting on the back of his neck.  I love it.  None of our other children have ever had curls.
And my favorite is that he says as clear as day "Oh Yeah" for everything.  As him anything and he responds, "Oh Yeah."
 This year I had the itch to take down all winter/Christmas decorations even before Epiphany.  I was hoping to help Spring along I guess!
 My good friend was nearing the end of her pregnancy with her sixth child.  A group of us met for coffee and to shower her with gifts!  I got to make blueberry scones for everyone.  I love celebrating life!
 The first really nice day we had in January TJ and Craig helped set up each others trampolines!  Kids were thrilled!!!

For my birthday we went out to lunch at one of our favorites.  While we were eating it started snowing these huge beautiful snowflakes!  TJ and the kids gave me a beautiful necklace and earrings!
Found this drawing in Annie's journal that we write to each other.  Notice Joseph flying in heaven! 
Made these little mini cupcakes for a friend who was hosting a baby shower.  Hands down this is the best cake/ cupcake recipe ever.  Lots of lemon....


Robyn Haschke said...

One! Wow, that went fast. He's so cute!

I love Annie's family portrait. We have a few like that as well where Zachary is either flying or kind of a faded yellow color among us. :) I love that our children get a chance to recognize that their brother may not be here on earth but is still a part of our family.

Miss you, friend!

Cynthia said...

Kristi, as always, I'm so impressed by your baking skills. Really and truly you should post recipes or start an additional food blog. Really. I'll be your first follower ;)

fullofgracex7 said...

Lovely!! What a little George Pete is! Wow, how time moves quickly. BEAUTIFUL lemon cupcakes. I love reading your blog--I miss catching up on these things in real life.