How Will You Love ME Today?

And here we are again, the beginning of Lent.  This year I felt like I was starting Lent already behind.  It snuck up so quickly on me this year.  The night before Ash Wednesday I found myself saying "now what am giving up? What are we doing as a family?" 
There are so many areas of my life right now that could use some attention.  Lent is most definitely the time for that. I should be more patient with my children,  more self-less, be spending more time with Jesus in prayer, through scripture and just being present with Him in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
I felt so overwhelmed actually, of all the ways I should be growing in holiness this year that I couldn't decide WHAT to focus on.  The day after lent began, I stopped in the Pink Sisters to spend a moment with Jesus after my early morning run.  As I was kneeling there it struck me.  I heard in my head the words, "How will you love ME today Kristi?"
And that was it.  I felt a sense of peace, of what I should be focusing on this Lent.  By picturing Jesus asking me those words every day, every moment really, then I will be taking care of all the areas I should be working on in my life.
Loving Jesus today might look like patiently putting George and Evie to bed instead of losing my temper with them when it takes longer than I'd like.  It could be helping one of them with something instead of sitting down at the computer. It could be kneeling down at my kneeler to read the bible BEFORE going out to run or have coffee in the morning.  Waking up fifteen minutes EARLIER than my normal early rising to pray. 

I love making our Lenten Calender each year.  It helps having a visual for counting the 40 days of Lent.  The kids count the item for that day then put in the number they counted in coins into their rice bowl.  We also pray a special Lenten prayer every morning (or try to!) and offer each day for a specific intention.

 I had to laugh this morning.  We had a snow day yesterday due to the blizzard that threatened the Midwest.  I wasn't expecting a snow day today....long story short, we got up, dressed, ate breakfast, studied spelling words, bundled up, and TJ drove them to school.  As they left the house I spent a moment praying, hearing the question How will you love ME today Kristi?  Just then the three kids who just left for school, came walking back into the house.  School had been cancelled, don't know how I missed that.   A quick shift in gears as I was preparing for two little ones all day, instead of all five being home!!  God was going to show me how I could love Him today, for sure!  Patience, in dressing little people in snow clothes fifty times today! 


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