A Little Love

For St. Valentine's Day TJ surprised me by leaving work early, picking the kids up from school, taking them to the grocery store and buying all the fixings to make a delicious meal!  I told him that was the perfect gift.  He knows me well!
Tuna steak, asparagus, risotto, and crusty bread.  He even made sure to bring home a super chocolaty chocolate cake.  Again, he knows me well!
We all got out on the trampoline after dinner.  I'm telling you jumping for a bit is a great workout!  They LOVE it when I get on with them.  Probably because I can do some serious double bouncing.  They fly up in the air squealing!
I did something different this year.  When they got home from school I had a St. Valentine Day Healthy Heart Challenge.  They each got a sheet and had to see how many sit ups, push ups, squat jumps, jumping rope, and jumping jacks they could do in one minute.  I laminated them, so they could write their score on them with a dry erase marker.  It was super fun, and we all did it together.  George wrote down something like 62 push ups in one minute...

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Anonymous said...

Love your idea about the heart healthy challenge. I write a weekly health column and going to tuck this idea way for next February :)