Something New

A friend of mine told me that she had ordered her groceries on line from a locally owned grocery store.  Groceries delivered to her door and for a measly five dollar delivery charge.
Oh joy!
I had to give it a try.  Now let me tell you that I really enjoy my early morning solo shopping trips each week.   The key word being SOLO.  Ever since Annie was a baby I started going to the grocery store EARLY while everyone slept soundly at home,
so as not to take a toddler and a baby to the store.  People would ask me why and how I get up so early to go grocery shopping.  If you have kids, then you probably understand.  I'm a good multi- tasker, but keeping kids from licking the cart, scanning the shelves for the lowest priced item, while pushing a humongous load of food was just not my thing.  So began my early weekly shopping.  I'm gone and home sometimes before anyone is awake.  The store is empty for the most part and I can zip through there no problem.  However, I wanted to give ordering groceries on line a try.  Sitting at my computer and clicking the items that I want instead of walking down isles seemed like fun!
It all went smoothly except for the flour.  Apparently I didn't look at the size of the flour when I clicked on it...mini size!  The kids and I all started laughing when I pulled this single serving size flour out of the sack! 
Thomas said, "maybe this store is for single people!"

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