It's Possible...

to run outside on the snow and ice because of these babies!  A friend of mine found these at Super Saver Grocery Store of all places.  You hook them onto the bottom of your shoe and I'm telling you, there is absolutely NO sliding around.  Those little metal spikes grab onto the ice and keep my feet in place.  After the first snow we got, I tried running before I had these.  It was ridiculous.  I slid all over the place and it's a miracle I didn't fall.  So the first time I ran with these on, it was kind of creepy.  My mind was looking down at the slick, snow packed, icy road so I thought I had to slow down and tip toe so as not to fall.  Not so.
I signed up to run the Half-Marathon this spring.  This race has become so popular in the last few years that I knew if I wanted to get in, I'd have to sign up pretty early.  It opened at 12am on Dec. 21st, and I happened to be up and on the computer so I signed up at 12:40am.  I'm so glad that I did because it ended up filling up by 3:30 THAT day!   I am excited to train for this though.  The last time I ran it was in 2000 with TJ!  It's always fun to have something to look forward to.  This year TJ will get to drive the kids around and cheer me on! 
 Winter is definitely here.  We had our first big snow a few weeks ago and the kids got a snow day!  I remember as a kid when it would snow and I would go to bed with the hope of school being cancelled the next day.  Such fun! 
We are back into the snow gear...pants, coats, gloves, hats. boots, neck warmers, socks sprawled out all over our entry way.  Which is really hard to believe.  It feels like just yesterday that we were in the middle of summer and the 100 degree temps.
When I got back from a run this morning I was walking up the steps and noticed the snow balls all ready to go.  Must be a war scheduled for today....
We have really great neighbors.  They have a girl who is ten and twin boys that are eight.  Perfect ages for playing with my children.  They LOVE to play with them especially outside.   On the snow day they played outside together and then had lunch with us.  George had gotten these face stickers as a gift from school.  They had so much fun with them! 
 Lately we've been watching a cooking show on Netflix called Take Home Chef.  It's awesome.  It's about Curtis Stone who is a chef and he walks into a grocery store, finds a woman who is shopping and then asks her if he can help her shop, go back to her home, help her make a gourmet meal for her husband and family.  It's a surprise for the husband and he comes home to a camera crew in his house and a gourmet meal on his table.  We LOVE it!  It's inspired us to try some new meals as well.  I found crab legs on sale at the store and picked some up, knowing how much Thomas would especially love them!  Poor George wouldn't even eat dinner in the dinning room because he was afraid of them.  Yes, he was afraid of the crab legs.
Our friend Calvin was here visiting for a week over New Years.  He had just gotten married so we were able to meet his new wife.  We had the best time with them.  It's always fun to catch up with friends we don't see often.  One night we ate dinner about six and then stayed at the table until midnight playing games and talking.  Jenga and this one are our favorites.  We do these cards at the dinner table quite often.  There are all kinds of them.  We have a set about different birds too.   
(That would be Calvin's head that George is poking at!)  They were such good sports with our children and really made an impression on them.  Between Calvin's Navy stories and the fact that Nadine, Calvin's wife is from Canada, they were very interesting to our children!! We will miss hanging out with them.

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