Celebrating St. Nicholas

We look forward to celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas every year!  Thomas and Annie were up at 5:30 and downstairs in a flash to see what St. Nick brought them in their stockings.  I remember as a child being so anxious to go downstairs Christmas morning to see the magic that happened while I was upstairs asleep!  My parents made us wait and wait for what seemed like forever until we could come down and see.  I hated that!  So now as a parent, I let our kids come down as soon as they are awake to find their stockings.  TJ was out of town which was a huge bummer, but we still had a lovely morning.
I always make a brunch and this candy cane cherry bread is so yummy.  I figured out this year that no one else really cares for the bread and so I end up eating it myself.   Oh well, I still love it!  After the kids eat, they play with their new stuff.  The highlight seems to be Thomas getting to play his new wii game in the morning before school!!
 Bev spent the morning reapplying lip gloss until her lips shone like the sun.  I think she used the entire thing by ten o'clock.
 After the big kids were at school, George and I sat down to build his Lego ship.  To my amazement he assembled the thing by himself.  I watched him look at the directions, find the right piece and then snap it together.  I'm not sure why this was so amazing to me, he is five and a half, but I still think of him as being so little.  He was so proud of himself!
 For something new this year, I thought of taking a big tray of cookies to Cedars Home for Children.  St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children, especially those in need.  This seemed like the perfect way to be like St. Nick.  Evelyn and I made gingersnaps and then after the kids got home we drove over there and dropped them off.  We prayed for the children before getting out of Sherman.  And then like St. Nick who performed his acts of generosity in secret, we didn't leave our name when asked who the cookies were from.


Cynthia said...

Kristi, those cookies (and bread) look amazing! Recipes!?!? Maybe on your next post? :)

Staci said...

Really - your kids don't like the cherry candy cane bread?! I was thinking of doing that for Christmas this year after seeing it on pinterest. Hmm. Worth a shot anyway, I think. I suppose if I HAVE TO eat it all myself, I can. :)