A Day to Remember

Annie is at Heritage School today.  Traditionally, Heritage school is only for 4th graders, but since she is in a 3/4 combo class this year, she gets to go.  She has been looking forward to this day all year!  The past few months, our topic of conversation when she rides her bike as I run is all about what she would bring for her lunch to Heritage School.  
I spotted Annie out on our porch dressed and waiting for me as I was finishing up my run this morning.  It was 6:45 and she was dressed, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed.  She was doing the I'm so excited that I'm acting goofy thing all morning.  As annoying as that was, I tried to look past the goofiness and remember how much fun this day was going to be for her and that she was just SO EXCITED! 
What we finally came up with for her lunch was:
two slices of homemade bread
mason jar with honey
butter that I had molded into little leaves (like Ma molded her butter into little strawberries)
a hard boiled egg
ginger snap cookies
"real" carrots as opposed to the small baby carrots
an apple
I hope that Annie will have wonderful memories from today.  I wish I could have gone with!

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Staci said...

Oh my. All the other little prairie school girls are going to be so jealous when she unpacks her lunch! I have to remember the butter-mold idea for next year. I remember reading that in the books and thinking it was a sweet idea. Love it!