A New Day

We've been sick all of last week.  Even as I type that I shudder.  I HATE when they are sick.  It was a solid week of being at the doctor and even a trip to the ER.  Ugh.  But we made it through and now just being outside feels so good!  My sister and her boys came, bless her heart, and stayed, knowing that we were sick.  She was going to watch the kids while TJ and I ran an all day race.  I didn't get to run and  I had to pick up TJ half way though the race because he wasn't feeling good.  It was a bummer, but that's life, I guess.
It's the worrying about them that does me in.  I worry so much about them when they are sick, like any mother does.  Especially when they are Pete's age and can't tell me whats going on.  The constant feeling of their forehead to see if the fever has gone up, the continual asking them how their tummy feels, the never ending checking on them to see how they look...

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