A New Day

We've been sick all of last week.  Even as I type that I shudder.  I HATE when they are sick.  It was a solid week of being at the doctor and even a trip to the ER.  Ugh.  But we made it through and now just being outside feels so good!  My sister and her boys came, bless her heart, and stayed, knowing that we were sick.  She was going to watch the kids while TJ and I ran an all day race.  I didn't get to run and  I had to pick up TJ half way though the race because he wasn't feeling good.  It was a bummer, but that's life, I guess.
It's the worrying about them that does me in.  I worry so much about them when they are sick, like any mother does.  Especially when they are Pete's age and can't tell me whats going on.  The constant feeling of their forehead to see if the fever has gone up, the continual asking them how their tummy feels, the never ending checking on them to see how they look...


Playing Outside

I want to soak up being outside for as long as possible before the cold and bitterness of winter hits.  The leaves are turning color and adding a little bling to the yard.  So pretty!  TJ is a little overwhelmed with the magnitude of leaf care, as it has him mowing and mulching daily!
Nothing like taking little ones into a haunted house to scare them, on purpose. 
Homemade doughnuts...could become a new fall tradition for our family.


A Work of Art

TJ made this art display for our dining room and I LOVE it!!  It couldn't have turned out more perfect!



You are an amazing baby.  You sleep like a champ, can smile like nobodys business, and are so laid back, I sometimes forget you are there.  I love how you always grab my shirt when you nurse and bunch it up in your hand.  How you bury your face into my shoulder when I get you out of your crib. How at first sign of distress you stick your right thumb into your mouth and immediately life is alright again. 
You squinch up your face when we feed you bananas and even though clearly you do not like them, we can't stop sticking them into your mouth just to see your funny face.  You love all baby food, puffs and cheerios.  I've been more hesitant to give you table food, mostly because I have this fear that you will be allergic to well...everything.
Now that you are mobile, I forget that I need to clear everything off the floor or it will end up in your mouth.  Tonight when I took off your diaper as we were getting ready to take a bath, I noticed huge chunks of newspaper right there in your poo.  I could even read the words. Extremely disgusting, yet interesting at the same time.
I love watching you grow right before my eyes.  You are a gift.