Pizza and Apples

 No oven, no problem.
 We had fun one evening cooking our pizza outside on the fire pit!  Our oven broke but that didn't stop us from having pizza!
 Friends of ours have an apple orchard in their front yard which is SO COOL!  How awesome to just walk outside and pick your apples...think of the pies!
So we went over and loaded up a few bags for ourselves, thanks to their generosity!
 Poor George.  He is terrified of dogs.  Big, little, it doesn't matter.  He spent the whole time we were there in the safety of the tree...out of the dogs reach!


Mrs Woods said...

Hi Kristi, trying to figure out a way to email you but ?? must write a comment. (love your blog!) my sister is thinking of relocating to Lincoln and wanted input on Catholic schools, neighborhoods. she loves to run! would you be willing to chat with her via email or phone? could you email me? swoods72 at gmail dot com. thank you much, Stacy Zohner Woods

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