On His Own

You are handling the transition into school so well, I am so proud of you.  Here you were, having never been in an organized sport or school, and then we throw you into both at the same time!  Kindergarten and Soccer! 
I still can't get over how excited you are about school.  Everything is a big deal...reading the lunch menu at night and deciding whether to have hot or cold lunch, taking your papers out for me to look at when you get home from school, picking out your two books when it's your day to go to library, finding something to take for show and tell, and picking what snack to bring the first time you were assigned...I forgot how these small things are such a big deal to a five year old.
Pete, Evelyn and I came to have lunch with you at school for the first time.  I couldn't get over  how little you seemed sitting there at the lunch table in your uniform, giggling with your friends, while nibbling at your food.  And yet, you were so content, so comfortable with it all.  I did feel my heart sink a little as I watched you take your tray over to dump it and put it away.  As you were trying to dump out your uneaten applesauce, it spilled all over both you and the floor.  The look of concern on your face was heartbreaking.  Then you threw your spoon away and had to reach down into the enormous pit of uneaten food to retrieve it.  You weren't quite sure where your tray should go and very concerned that you now had pink applesauce all over your shirt.  Oh, how I wanted to grab you and take you home with me right then and there, but instead I wiped off the applesauce, assured you that no one would notice it, and then watch you run off to recess with your buddies.
 Your first weeks at library you checked out Star Wars books, just like your brother Thomas did when he was in Kindergarten.  I read these same books over and over to him and I think it's funny that you are picking the same ones.
 And watching a swarm of five year old boys run after one soccer ball never gets old.  You raised your arms up in the air and smiled a big smile when you kicked the ball into the net!

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