A Fun Fall Night

 I love Fall.  Especially this year when we are coming off an extremely hot summer, it's so nice to wake up to cool mornings, running with my stocking cap again, and fires out back.  Saturday was the first official day of Fall and I thought it would be fun to have our own little Fall Festival in the evening.  We walked around the neighborhood and found acorns and leaves and then came home and made leaf crowns and nut necklaces!  The kids thought it was super cool, it felt good hot glue with them and it was a fun way to spend the first day of Fall!
 We ate chili and we drank apple cider out back with a fire.  It was perfect. 
All afternoon the kids kept asking if we could have a family over for dinner, but we had decided to just make it a family night.  It turned out so much fun!  After we ate and it was dark enough, we played a family game of ghosts in the graveyard.  I forget how fun it is to just play with my children sometimes.  With all that I juggle each day, just playing with them comes in last most of the time.  We ran and laughed and screamed and had so much fun!

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Andrew and Maria said...

Those make the best nights and greatest family memories. How fun!!