This summer has flown by, as summers tend to do.  We've had a good summer, I would say.  Not too busy with extra activities and obligations which in turn led to plenty of time for swimming, playing with neighbors, and entertaining. I spent the majority of the summer organizing our house and finding a spot for everything...fun for me, not so fun for the kids who would rather do something than just be at home!

It's been fun having people over to our new house!  I've surprised myself at how much I didn't care that our house wasn't all put back together before we started having guests over.  We had a get together with the families from my old neighborhood when I was growing up, a surprise birthday party for Grammy, friends over for the 4th of July, dinner parties with good friends, and an early morning baby shower!
My new favorite dessert to make is a lemon cake that I found on pinterest.  I've been making it all summer!  It's cold and lemony and absolutely heavenly.

I love having friends to sweat with, talk with and have coffee with!  For the past two years I have been running with some great friends.  Our early Saturday morning runs have also doubled as birthday parties and baby showers!  And while there is much celebrating, we also comfort each other.  We pray for, listen to, and comfort those of us who have gone through miscarriages, sick children, and morning sickness.  Some of these women have adoption stories, and have been foster parents.  One amazing women has been given the cross of giving birth to two of her children and then having them die at a very young age. 
 They each inspire me.  

This morning we were celebrating life.  From a one week old newborn, to a soon to be due mama!


And we were also praying for our friend who couldn't be there because she had just found out she miscarried her baby.


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