Back to School Time

Here we go again...back to school shopping!  I love this tradition I have started in our family, taking each child out by themselves to pick their own school supplies and go out to lunch.  This year, instead of going to lunch we decided to go to Yogurtini.  Yum!  It may seem like a such a small thing and kind of goofy going to the same store three times to get the same things...but I really love it.  I love watching each child dig through crayon boxes and glue sticks.  To help them decide which color of folder to pick and what backpack looks best. 

George is going to Kindergarten this year and I still can't believe it.  It was fun to watch his excitement about going to the store and watching him try and decide on what lunch box to pick!  I loved sitting with just him at Yogurtini and watching him eat his yogurt, just us.

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