The Second Anniversary

Our little Joseph would have turned two on August 11th. 
It's hard to imagine, but I do.  Ever so often I find my mind wondering what we would be going through with him right now, who he would look like, what his temperament would be, what he would be allergic to...all kinds of thoughts.  Especially now that we have Pete, I see how much he is changing and growing and it makes me think of Joseph.
I absolutely love our tradition of celebrating his birthday out at Babyland where he is buried.  Such a simple thing, and yet it means so much to me.  I want our children to always remember him, that they have a brother in heaven, and how important his short life was to us.
St. Joseph, pray for us!

Before and After



And Here We Go Again

The night before the first day of school is here again.  In an attempt to ease any back to school jitters, I like to make the night before a calm, fun and enjoyable evening both for the kids, but especially for me. It doesn't usually end up this way mind you, but I sure like to shoot for that!   I'm fully aware that with tomorrow comes the schedules, homework, stricter bedtimes, packing lunches, and school activities.  Plus, this year George will be going to Kindergarten three days a week.  I looked at him differently today, coming to the realization that his life will forever be changed tomorrow.  Tomorrow he will be a "school kid."  
 We went for our annual "night before school family walk" which entails bikes, wagon, helmets, stroller, and all of us going for a walk around the neighborhood.  I try and not initiate conversation as we walk.  I have to hold my toung as I am tempted to ask for the one hundredth time "are you excited for tomorrow?"  I just watch them and listen,  a silent memory making for myself, trying to remember this night before the big day. 
 We came home and headed to the backyard for a fire, smores and a story.  We've been telling progressive stories by the fire lately and Annie just loves it.  I'll start with "Once Upon A Time"...and go on to come up with some sort of creative concoction of a story and just at it's climax I point to Annie where she gets to take it from there until she points to someone else.  It's fun!
The first morning of school is always crazy, I don't care how much I plan ahead and lay out.  It was a good morning nonetheless.  I got up and went for a short run and ended at the Pink Sisters so Thomas could ride his bike there and we could start off the new school year with going to confession.  Such a great tradition for us and it truly is a wonderful way to begin something new.  Thomas pretty much takes control of breakfast in our house and so we all started off with scrambled eggs.
 George did so great.  I really had no idea what to expect with him.  He's never been away from me or been in any organized activity yet.  But, he was so excited to get dressed, put his backpack on, and wear his new shoes and ready to get out of Sherman and find his spot to stand.  And just like that, he walked right on into school, by himself, no tears, just ready to go.


A Perfect Fort



Back to School Time

Here we go again...back to school shopping!  I love this tradition I have started in our family, taking each child out by themselves to pick their own school supplies and go out to lunch.  This year, instead of going to lunch we decided to go to Yogurtini.  Yum!  It may seem like a such a small thing and kind of goofy going to the same store three times to get the same things...but I really love it.  I love watching each child dig through crayon boxes and glue sticks.  To help them decide which color of folder to pick and what backpack looks best. 

George is going to Kindergarten this year and I still can't believe it.  It was fun to watch his excitement about going to the store and watching him try and decide on what lunch box to pick!  I loved sitting with just him at Yogurtini and watching him eat his yogurt, just us.



This summer has flown by, as summers tend to do.  We've had a good summer, I would say.  Not too busy with extra activities and obligations which in turn led to plenty of time for swimming, playing with neighbors, and entertaining. I spent the majority of the summer organizing our house and finding a spot for everything...fun for me, not so fun for the kids who would rather do something than just be at home!

It's been fun having people over to our new house!  I've surprised myself at how much I didn't care that our house wasn't all put back together before we started having guests over.  We had a get together with the families from my old neighborhood when I was growing up, a surprise birthday party for Grammy, friends over for the 4th of July, dinner parties with good friends, and an early morning baby shower!
My new favorite dessert to make is a lemon cake that I found on pinterest.  I've been making it all summer!  It's cold and lemony and absolutely heavenly.

I love having friends to sweat with, talk with and have coffee with!  For the past two years I have been running with some great friends.  Our early Saturday morning runs have also doubled as birthday parties and baby showers!  And while there is much celebrating, we also comfort each other.  We pray for, listen to, and comfort those of us who have gone through miscarriages, sick children, and morning sickness.  Some of these women have adoption stories, and have been foster parents.  One amazing women has been given the cross of giving birth to two of her children and then having them die at a very young age. 
 They each inspire me.  

This morning we were celebrating life.  From a one week old newborn, to a soon to be due mama!


And we were also praying for our friend who couldn't be there because she had just found out she miscarried her baby.