Bumbo Baby

I've never used a Bumbo with a baby before.  They are indeed pretty handy and can be moved practically anywhere.  We joke that Pete is a new appliance that sits on our counter.  He just sits there and blends right in with what is on the counter.  It's really cute. 

The one downfall to this handy contraption is that his legs get stuck.  Yes, they get stuck in there. When you go to lift him out, the Bumbo comes with.  I have to step on the side of it as I'm lifting him out to release the darn thing from him.   I noticed after the first few times of him sitting in there that his legs would look a tad purple and feel warm. 

 Poor kid with chubby legs.

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Smiler #1 said...

Love that Bumbo baby! We really enjoyed using a Bumbo with Rebecca & Teresa... kept us from having to haul in our huge high chair to our not so huge kitchen for a few more months. Never had the chubby legs problem, though! I think I'll have to just wrap these girls up in bacon to fatten 'em up. ;)