2012 Olympics

Oh, how I love the Olympics.

  I get this crazy excited feeling that comes around every four years as the summer Olympics approaches.  Just the sound of the Olympic anthem brings goosebumps to my skin.  I have so many memories of watching the summer Olympics.  I was glued to the TV at my parents house in 1996 as I watched the Dream Team win the gold medal and Keri Strug stick her vault on one leg.  Crazy. 

 Annie was a newborn for 2004, and I spent those weeks nursing her and watching this amazing swimmer...  Michael Phelps.  We had a tiny white kitchen TV that you practically had to squint if you wanted to see anything on it...but squint I did from my nursing chair! 

 I laid on the couch the whole summer of 2008 watching them while pregnant with Evelyn.  I even remember loading up Thomas, Annie and George one morning to go get a noodle dish from Noodles.  I had just seen something on the Today show about they make noodles in Bejing and was craving some.  Good thing there was a Noodles close by.

I remember with each Olympics, calculating how old my children would be the next time the Olympics would roll around again.  Thomas could never be ten, how could my baby ever be ten?.... I remember thinking four years ago.  Yet, here we are and he indeed is ten years old. 

The kids know how much I look forward to the Olympics  I think they are just excited to have the TV on from morning until late at night!  We'll watch the Today show with all the athlete interviews and pieces they do about the Olympic city.  Then throughout the day we get to see some sports that we never have before like...water polo and skeet.  Then it's on to making and eating dinner and showers all in time for Prime Time coverage to begin!  I get so excited to lay on the couch and just watch!  (although lets be honest here, between nursing a baby and putting to bed the three younger ones I don't exactly get to just sit!)

This year I thought it would be fun to do our own Olympics here as we watch the real Olympians!  Friday night, before the Opening Ceremonies began, we had our own torch run around our house.  Thomas made the torch and we positioned ourselves in spots surrounding the house.  Annie led off and when she gave it to George it was like someone lit a fire under that boy.  He took off and ran faster than I've ever seen him run!  It was hilarious!

Thomas wanted to use real fire, so we lit...a candle!

We came up with our own Olympic events, one for each day.  A five mile ride on our bikes around the lake, swimming laps at the pool, running a mile, shooting Thomas' bow and arrow, playing basketball at the gym, sand volleyball at the lake...anything we can think of that resembles an Olympic sport!!  They are having so much fun with it, no actually, I'm having so much fun!   


Anonymous said...

I love the Olympics too and have the TV on all day - and its awesome to get up to nurse in the middle of the night to see my Olympic friends on. But having young children this time around, I've been so disappointed in the too, too "adult commercials" - beer, sex drive, etc...

fullofgracex7 said...

You are amazing! :) Enjoy your Olympic fever!!

Renee said...

Fun! I saw all the Olympic ideas on Pinterest and wished I had it all together and had the time and energy to do some of the projects. Not this year.

You, on the other, hand! So impressive.

Aubrey said...

Awesome. We love the Olympics, too!