Today you are Ten

You turned ten years old today.  May 23, 2002 was the day that you changed me.  At 5:49 pm I was no longer a twenty four year old newlywed.  A new title was bestowed upon me.  Mom.  And from that moment on, ten years later, we have been together.  You gave me the gift that I had always wanted and hoped for.  The gift of having children.

Today was an exciting day for you.  You woke up to your breakfast in bed, and presents.  You LOVE this birthday tradition more than any of your brothers or sisters I think.  I knew you were awake, but pretended to still be sleeping when we walked in singing!  You have such a love for our family traditions and your EXCELLENT memory won't let us forget any of them.  

You were so darling with the simple presents you got.  Magnifying glasses, bird field guide and a snorkel mask and flippers were enough to make you happy!  Thank you for sharing them with George.  I know it's hard to share new things that you just have gotten, and I know that he asks continuously to see them.  His persistent asking even irritates me.  Thank you for showing him patience.  I will remind George of what a great big brother he has, and hope that he will be the same way with Pete.

Your new thing as of late is to use a magnifying glass to start a fire. ( A very small fire of course, and completely supervised.)  I have to admit when you used this new big one, I was so shocked and quite amazed at how quickly you started a fire.  You are awesome! 

We gave you a ten dollar bill at dinner time and you received other money this year for your birthday.  You were so excited at the prospect of getting to spend your own money.  You rarely ever have a big chunk of money to spend however you like.  Pop took you to the store.  He called me to share what a delima you were in trying to decide between golf clubs or a Captain America toy.  You had been saying all day that you probably would like a toy, and then I'm sure you got tot the store and saw the new set of clubs and heard them calling your name!   In the end, the toy won and I'm so glad that it did.  You are still a kid.  I want you to stay this age forever.

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