Ah Ha! I found it!

My camera cord that is!  I havn't been able to download my pictures to the computer for over a month now.  I knew the cord that I needed was some where in some box packed up by someone.... oh the joys of moving!!

TJ's sister Kelly and her husband Andy

the perfect summer picture, I think.

TJ sold his boat.  We were all sad to see it go.

My dad retired from his job and his coworkers cut off his tie!

We all surprised him on his last day at work and went out to lunch! 

Lots of good memories from our front porch!

The sweetest thumb sucker I know.

We went out to the Vacek's lake one sunny day and had so much fun!

Making my last Sunday pie at our house before moving!

Thomas went canoing with a friend and had a ball!

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fullofgracex7 said...

BeeUtiful pictures!! So great!