Annie tried volleyball this spring with five of her little second grade friends.

TJ was the coach!

As our children are getting older and we have moved into the stage of playing sports, it's so interesting for me to watch them.  You wonder if they are going to have any idea what they are doing, will they "get it"  or even if they will like the sport.  We're still in the stage of just trying sports out for fun, as I think it should be.  We don't start our children at a young age in a sport and spend an insane amount of hours practicing while pushing them to be the best.   If they are good at something, then that's great!  But I won't be pushing my children into sports and making plans for colleges to come and visit any time soon.  I want them to just have fun, try different sports out, and be active. 

 Obliviously, it gets tricky the more children you have.  Keeping family time and just being together a priority gets harder and harder the more practices and games you add to the schedule.  Even just taking all the kids to each sporting event was difficult this spring.  We're learning the balance of being involved in sports verses time together as a family.  Right now we still only have two that are involved with practices and games, but I can tell that George will joining the ranks soon. And boy is he ready to swing something, be it a baseball or golf ball, the kid likes to swing! 

It will be fun watching each child find their thing.  What they will like to do and be good at.

(above photos courtesy of Kevin Clark!)

We celebrated the girls last game with an ice cream sundae party at the Vacek's house!  What fun we had.  And hey, the girls may not remember how to yell got it as the volleyball is coming towards them, but I do believe they will remember the awesome sundaes they made!

Thanks TJ for coaching Annie' team!

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