We're growing and learning at a rapid rate these days at our house.  George took off on his bike with no training wheels and now he's a two wheeler bike riding machine.  Learning to ride without training wheels ranks right up there with losing the first tooth for me....I find it extremely sentimental to watch my child learn how to muster up the confidence it takes to balance on two wheels.  And then watch them ride around and around like they've been doing it for years.  It's so awesome!

Evelyn is no longer scared of the toilet!  She has mastered going in the toilet like a pro.  Thank goodness.  I will remember this when I worry that someone will never learn a skill.  It can be done.

Pete is growing every day.  Really.  He's 15 pounds 6 ounces.  Chunky monkey.   I love to squeeze him.  He is so smiley and such a pleasant little boy.  Unfortunately, I think that I need to eliminate dairy from my diet.  His skin has dry rough patches, he spits up after nursing, and his diapers are consistently green...all signs of a milk allergy. 

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