Lesson Learned

This is funny.

You know my use a towel only once then wash it syndrome.... well I think TJ will be joining me with this policy after what happened this morning!  I have always silently gaged when I see TJ grab an already used, soaking wet towel off the floor to dry himself with.  It's gross, but getting clean with a dirty towel never seemed to bother him.

Last night I awoke to George running into our bedroom just after midnight.  Not stopping at our bed, it appeared that he was just going to go to the bathroom.  I laid there awake, hoping that he would head back to his bed on his own so I wouldn't need to get out of my warm and comfy bed.  It was then that I heard some sort of splattering going on the bathroom, so I looked over and saw George standing with his pants down in the doorway of the bathroom, peeing all over the floor.  And I do mean all over folks.  I go on to watch him finish his job, pull his jammies on and then run back to his bed, never aware that he had an audience.  I climb out of bed, turn on the light and holy cow I did he pee ALL over the floor.  So I took a towel that was already laying there, mopped up the urine and then left the towel there, pee drenched, to take down to the laundry room in the morning.  I was tired.  You can see where this story is headed right?  Sure enough, when I woke up this morning and saw TJ dressing in our room, my first words were, honey did you use the towel that was on the floor in the bathroom?
Ya, why?  was his response.  Of course you did.  After telling him what happened, and seeing him jump back into the shower,  I think he'll think twice before using a towel from the floor again!


fullofgracex7 said...

I am laughing so hard it hurts!! I can seriously imagine it happening. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Not laughing AT T.J...just laughing. Thanks for sharing that.

Lindsay said...

John and I were dying at this because of all our talks about towel usage.