"I'm Free"

Today you turned "free" as you say in your lispy three year old voice.
You are feisty, fun and full of energy.  You make a gazillion different expressions just with your eyes.  I can't believe that you have been with us for three years.  That only three years ago I was meeting you for the first time, seeing your tiny wrinkly body laying on my chest. 
You have such personality, Evelyn.  You can turn off the temper tantrum you are throwing and jump right into making funny faces in a matter of seconds.  You can be so obedient and so naughty at the same time.  I get the overwhelming urge to squeeze you so many times in a day, especially now that you are wearing big girl panties. You follow George like crazy.  When he is good, you are good and when he is ornery....well, you follow right along.   


You were so appreciative of your gifts this year.  You said thank you many times and were such a sweet little thing talking on the phone to your birthday callers.  You told everyone that you got a "birffday wagon."

You seemed really big to me when nama took you out to lunch by yourself and to pick out your birthday present.  You were so excited to go.  When you came home you were holding a chocolate ice cream cone in one hand with it smeared all over your face and a tiny Barbie car in the other.

And the face is back.  This face that you make cracks us all up and you know it.  You do it to get us laughing, and laugh we did especially since pop kept asking you to make the face.

  I look at you and wonder who you will turn out to be.  I've gotten into the habit of bathing you after lunch and then laying you down for a nap all fresh smelling.  I scratch your back and look at your eyes and thank God for you.

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Aubrey said...

Cute, cute, cute! :)