Happy Easter

The Lord is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!
There is nothing more glorious than Easter Sunday morning!  The forty days are over, and now its time to celebrate!!!

On Holy Saturday we went to TJ's grandma Joyce's place for an Easter egg hunt.




We always dye our eggs on Holy Saturday.  I love to watch the kids do this.  This year we were really shooting for dark eggs.  Annie kept each egg in the dye for about ten minutes hoping that would do the trick!


She is just fun to watch in anything she does.... little Miss expressions.


My mom came over on Saturday night so that TJ and I could take Thomas, Annie and Pete to the Easter Vigil Mass.  Even though this Mass is about two and a half hours long, it is SO worth going to.  Just to be in church so late when it is dark outside is fun!  And to get to be the first to hear the ALLELUIA sung gives me chills every time. 

Every year we make Resurrection Rolls on Saturday so that we can open them up on Easter morning!  They look like Jesus' empty tomb!

And finding their Easter baskets are always a treat in our home!  We change it up each year.  Some years I have tied yarn to each basket and then made a maze of string for them to follow throughout the house until they find their basket!  This year it was a scavenger hunt ending up in the back of Sherman!  I love to see them scurry through the house finding the next clue!



I've made a bunny cake and a lamb cake before for our Easter dinner, but this year I wanted something different.  Carrot cake!  A perfect Easter spring dessert!  I only found a gazillion different recipes on Pinterest so I closed my eyes and picked one!  It turned out pretty good...but I'm going to keep searching and trying until I find the perfect recipe to make every Easter!


And now we celebrate for the next fifty days!!  Alleluia!

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Laura said...

I love the way you decorated the cake and Evelyn looks so cute in her Easter dress!