Two Months Old

I want to remember how you always keep your tiny hands closed up into fists.  That you are my loudest eater yet, all the sounds you make while nursing are funny and sometimes even embarrassing.  How you have your first cold and every time you cough it breaks my heart.  I want to remember your little chin and how it quivers.  It would appear that you are freezing by the looks of your little quiver, although I know you are nice and toasty.
 I want to remember how you began smiling and how much it delights me to see you smile.  Especially when you look up at me as you break from nursing just to smile.  I want to remember George saying how cute you always are.  How sometimes you cry so hard that you fall right back asleep before I can get to you.  I want to remember how you always seem to have a bugger stuck in your nose.  I've never had to use the nose sucker like I have with you!  How you fall asleep on my chest and you sleep there so soundly when I bring you into bed with me to nurse in the middle of the night.

I want to remember how Evelyn bounces you so hard in the bouncy seat that I swear one of these days you are going to fly right out of there.  How so many people look at you and say how much you look like your brother George.  And my favorite of all is when I lift you up and you stretch and stick out your little bottom with your arms reaching up.