I'm Hooked

On this little gem of a snack.

Peanut butter banana smoothie.  My friend Kim made me one of these the other day when we were at their house.  It was so good.  It's better than good.  It's one of those things that when I  find it, I tell everyone I meet about it.  And how they have to try it for themselves.   

Please go make one right now for yourself.  And god bless you Kim for introducing me to this heavenly snack.

2 cups fat free vanilla frozen yogurt
1/4 cup milk
1 frozen banana
2 TBS peanut butter
1 TBS nutella
2 TBS wheat germ


Staci said...

So, if I don't have any wheat germ so just leave that out... is it going to somehow make it taste less amazing? I can't imagine it would, but figured I'd check :).

fullofgracex7 said...

Can't wait to try this version after Easter! Funny...my treat right now is peanut butter, banana and almond milk "shake". I'm thinking yours is probably a little more satisfying!! :)