I love that we named you Evelyn.  To me, your name is the perfect mix of sweet, old grandmother, classy and fiery spunk.  That is you.  That is Evelyn to me.

You have grown up so much these past few months since Peter has been born.  You are wearing big girl panties, your vocabulary has taken off, you can color in the lines and make people pictures, and your hair is finally long enough to do the little knots.  My favorite.  But the best is listening and watching you tell me something. When you really have something to say, your shoulders begin to go crazy as you bob them up and down.  Your lisp starts flying everywhere.  When this happens I sometimes ask you questions that I know you will answer with an "S" just to hear your lisp.  You scrunch up your nose in the cutest way.  I catch glimpses of Annie in you when you are telling me something.  The way you tilt your head and talk with your eyes, maybe. 


fullofgracex7 said...

Makes me smile just looking at the pictures of her! LOVE this age!!

Smiler #1 said...

What a perfect name for her! Love that spunky smile. =]