Sweet Sweat

Oh, to be running again feels so good.  To move my legs, drip sweat and push myself is oddly addictive.  But whatever the reason, be it time alone, burning calories, good conversation with friends, or clearing my head, I crave running.  I'm no die hard runner, mind you.  Just a jogger who enjoys a three to five mile run.  It's been five weeks since I had Pete and just started back slowly into running this week.  It works out great to be members to the gym just down the street.  I can nurse Pete in the morning, lay him back down praying that he goes back to sleep and head over to the gym. When the weather warms up, hopefully I'll be joining my friends to run outside. 

I did get signed up for the Half-Marathon this spring however, and I like the fact that I have a goal to work towards.  13.2 miles is crazy long for me, I haven't ran a half since before TJ and I were married!  It doesn't matter if I end up walking half of the race, I'm going to work towards this goal and enjoy running with friends.  TJ is also running it which is so awesome.  Even though we won't be running together... he'll be way ahead of me, I love that we can share this together.  One small matter to think about is nursing.  Pete will be four months old and still nursing.  Haven't really worked out the details of feeding him...but be assured my girls will be bouncing along full of milk as I run, especially by the end of the race!  Would it look funny to have my sister meet me along the route, hand me Pete, and I feed him along the way.... hmm.


Staci said...

"my girls". You're cracking me up! I love the idea of a nursing break midway. Although maybe you should just set some ridiculous goal of, like, an hour and a half for yourself, and then you can fit it in between nursings! :)

Good luck, however you work it! I'm in awe that you're already running again!

Laura said...

Or, how about I run along side you, strap Pete to you, and you can nurse WHILE running! Wouldn't that be a sight!