One Month

Oh lovely little boy.  You're already one month old.  One short month ago you slipped out of me and into a big, bright, loud world.  You just fit in so well.  It's like we've had you forever.

You are very patient and kind...a gift that newborns possess.  You don't complain or whine...thank you.  You wait your turn, watch everyone for a while, get held and squeezed, and finally when you are done with all that, you sleep.  You love to eat, just like your brothers and sisters.  Getting baths are a big event, especially with your sister Evelyn who loves to scrub your hair.  Thank you for letting her do that, especially when she is not so gentle.

It's funny how different things seem in only one month.  The first few times of taking you out after being born are such an event.  I record the places we took you in your baby book as if they we were on a vacation.   The first time we picked the kids up from school, we all cheered as we drove away from school shouting it's the first time Pete picked us up....yay!  Now, I grab you and go when we leave the house. 

Your newness has long since rubbed off.  Your once wrinkly dry skin is now smooth and plump.  You are beginning to fill out nicely.  You are staying awake during the day a bit longer.  And I love how George has turned you into an excuse to get out of bed at night.  But mom, I just want to say goodnight to Pete...I didn't get to hold him today.  Very cute the first couple of times and I totally fell for it until I figured out his sneaky plan...

Thank you Lord for the gift of this child and for all the love, joy, chaos, sweetness, and messes that having a newborn brings.  I wouldn't want it any other way. 

I love you sweet baby.


Cynthia said...

He's so sweet :)

fullofgracex7 said...

Beautiful pictures Kristi...you are getting so good at that!! :)Love them! Happy one month Pete.

Smiler #1 said...

What a darling baby! It does go so fast, doesn't it? You're such a loving mama... especially to put it so sweetly that he just "slipped out"... guess I'm hoping for that for real this round! Praying for you all. :)

Jessica said...

He is absolutely precious!! Congratulations!