I Found It!

About an hour after delivering Pete in the hospital, the kind lady who brings the dessert cart around to each room, paid me a visit.  Pick anything you want... she instructed me.  I assume from the work it took to deliver a baby and the fact that it was nearly eleven o'clock (my normal lunchtime) was the reason that I was ravenously starving.  I devoured a piece of carmel cheesecake within a minute.  From that moment on, ALL I want to eat are sweets.  TJ fueled the fire when he brought me home a huge piece of chocolate cake from Lazlos the first week we were home from the hospital.   I thought about that cake for days.  But now I'm realizing that I better pull myself together and begin to wean myself off of sweets.  Not completly, for heavens sake. Maybe just not having chocolate after lunch and dinner....every day.

So, thanks to my new found interest...Pinterest, I stumbled upon a dessert blog.  And it's healthy.  Healthy ways to make desserts.  I'm in heaven.  I found this recipe .  It is the perfect dessert for me to make.  It's a single serving.  Tastes like a thick piece of chocolate cake without all the fat and calories!  I made it with applesauce instead of oil so this little gem is only 2 grams of fat and 140 calories.  ALLELUIA!  However, I did add dark chocolate chips both in the batter and on top...Baby steps.  Baby steps.

Try it!

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