A Gift of Love

Love is decorating our home these days.  Red and pink hearts can be seen every direction you look.  I like to add splashes of these fun loving colors to our house before we come to the somber season of Lent. 

I talked to a good friend on the phone last night.  We haven't talked for a very long time, as our lives don't cross paths too often these days, making it harder to keep in touch.  But we did last night and it was so good to hear from her and about her family.  She said something last night that had me thinking ever since.  She said that she wished she was more kind and loving like me.  First of all, it was a wonderful compliment.  Second of all, really?  Am I really a kind and loving person, or just to friends or when others are watching?  I know for a fact that I am more patient when there are other people in our home.  Why can't I always show that calm, understanding, patient side of me when I'm just with my children, say especially at bedtime, or when I'm exhausted after lunch and ready for a nap?

I feel like lately I've be a more impatient, yelling, and UNkind mother. I lose my patience and snap at my children. What made her remember me as being so kind and loving? I must have shown those virtues or she wouldn't remember me being that way, right?

I want to give my best to the people that matter the most. There are six of them. TJ, Thomas, Annie, George, Evelyn and Pete. Why do I save my patience, tenderness, love for others and let my family get the worst of me. I don't want them to remember me losing it, ranting and raving about who splashed water out of the tub again, or who peed all over the toilet....again.
Patience. Kindness. Love.
The gifts I want to give to my family this St. Valentines Day.

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Laura said...

When have you had the time to make all those beautiful heart decorations???? You amaze me.