The Day You Were Baptized

-The Morning-
The day before your baptism we were hit with a huge snow storm that dumped lots of heavy white snow all over us! 

-The Baptismal Gown-
This gown has been worn for baptisms in our family since 1923.  My grandma Becky was baptized in in, my dad and his two sisters wore it, my two sisters and I wore it, and finally your brothers and sisters and cousins have now been baptized wearing it as well.  It's a beautiful piece of family history.

You also wore these beautiful hand crochet booties that my friend Lisa made for you.

-The Ceremony-
I love that your brothers and sisters were right there at the baptismal font watching Monsignor baptize you.  I love that we chose our good friends Craig and Kim Vacek to be your godparents.  We know they will pray for you every day.  We couldn't ask for anything better for you.  They will love you and you will always have a special bond with them.

-The Party-
We decided to go down to the Marion room for our celebration afterwards.  With all the snow, we knew it may be difficult for everyone to drive in our neighborhood. 
I had made boxed lunches for everyone with a chicken salad sandwich or turkey sandwich, bag of chips, carrots, fruit slush and chocolate crosses.  We had sugar cookies for dessert!

A truly glorious day.  The sparking white snow that covered the trees and ground was a beautiful reminder of what your little soul must look like now after being baptized.  Bright, white, and sparkling. 

*Thank you Janel for taking all the beautiful pictures!


Staci said...

I can't stop giggling about the reception foods. Once you find a good idea, might as well use it, right? It makes me want to go buy supplies to make chicken salad croissants right now... :)

Congratulations to you and the Vaceks and baby Pete! I love new little Catholics.

Renee said...

I love that Pete is smiling in the picture under the St. Teresa statue. He just knew what a special day it was!

And Kristi, when do you sleep? All of the details planned perfectly and beautifully, as usual!