Be My Valentine

Pink and red hearts just make me smile.  And you know, practically anything can be made into a heart!

Hearts everywhere...

This Valentines day, instead of TJ and I going out to dinner alone, we made a fabulous meal together with the kids...with a twist.  We've done this a couple of times now, where TJ and I team up with either Thomas or Annie.  One group has the challenge of making the appetizer while the other gets to do the dessert.  The first time we did it the challenge, the rule was you could only use ingredients that we already had in the pantry or fridge, and it had to be relatively healthy!  The kids had so much fun making their food and even made up sheets so the other group could score the dish.  It was judged on presentation, taste, and how good it was for you.
Tonight, when we teamed up, Thomas and I had dessert while Annie and TJ made the appetizer.  TJ and Annie served Gouda cheese on top of crackers and tried to shape them into a heart on the platter!  Thomas and I made my new favorite dessert.  They also helped TJ make salmon and tuna steak on rice.  It was a lovely Valentines meal.  We're mastering the art of taking ordinary circumstances... dinner at home with five kids, and making it a bit more extraordinary!

Beautiful flowers from TJ!  Thank you, honey!

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Smiler #1 said...

Looks lovely! You make me want to get the kids back in the kitchen more often... most of the time I'm simply shewing them out. They used to help all of the time before crazy little Teresa came on the scene. Maybe I can start again for Lent! ;)